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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mediterranean Food Festival experience

Last week I met a lady at wine-tasting who gave me a postcard advertising a Mediterranean Food & Music Festival here in my hometown this weekend. I came home, set it down and promptly forgot all about the event until I came across the postcard while looking for my missing instruction manual for my mini-recorder earlier today. (I recently became quite ruthless about throwing things away and that manual may have become a casualty of my purging war.) I immediately told HH about the festival (I'm still not happy about missing the large Greek Food Festival in Sacramento earlier this month)and so off we went. It was a very small festival but the people were friendly and the food was good. We ended up getting a combination plate for HH, with a side of stuffed grape leaves (Warak Dawali is what I think they were called)and a Gyro for me. The combo plate came with a chicken skewer and beef skewer, hummus (very tasty hummus, I might add), Basmati rice and a salad with the MOST refreshing dressing. I asked Jean (the lady who gave me the postcard last week) what all was in that wonderful dressing. She said it was made with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt & pepper. I will be making this dressing very soon! We then split a yummy Baklava for dessert. I wanted to try the Turkish coffee, but decided against it as I might want to sleep sometime in the next couple of days. :) The live music hadn't started when we left, so we missed out on that. They had a VERY small shopping area that we looked at, but nothing struck me as a "must buy". It was a very nice afternoon and the weather was about 90°....and we were in the shade, which was nice. I love food festivals and this one was pleasant, but not spectacular.

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