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Friday, April 3, 2009

Shrimp Jambalaya

Here is yet another family favorite!!

Shrimp Jambalaya

2 TBSP olive oil
3 lbs andouille sausage (kielbasa if you can't find andouille), halved lengthwise and sliced about 1/2" thick
1 yellow onion, minced
1 bell pepper, diced
2 cups uncooked long-grain rice
1 tsp salt
1 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp ground red pepper
77 oz Chicken Broth (about 2 of the 32 oz cartons + 1 14 oz can)
1 large can diced tomatoes, undrained
1 lbs shrimp, peeled & deveined
1/4 tsp hot sauce
2 TBSP chopped fresh parsley

Heat oil in a medium saucepan over medium high heat. Add kielbasa and cook for about 5 minutes. Add onion and bell pepper and saute for another 5 minutes. Add rice; saute 2 minutes. Add salt, thyme, black pepper and red pepper; saute 1 minute. Add broth and tomatoes; bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 15 minutes, or until rice is tender. Stir in shrimp and hot sauce; cover and cook 5 minutes or until shrimp are done. Remove from heat; stir in parsley.

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