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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tonight's menu is a repeat

I apologize for my lack of posting but had major computer problems (nasty virus)that took 2-3 weeks to get cleared off completely. Those of you who follow my other blog can read all about it (

Tonight I am making the beef tips in the crockpot again. It really was so good last time and I was on call today for work, so if I had been called in I could've thrown it together before going to work. BUT so far I haven't been called in but I'm sticking with the beef tips since I'm hungry for them now :). I'm going to cook them on low this time since I have all day.

Well, I have it all cooking in the crockpot now and it looks like it needs more meat so I'm sending Patrick to the store (Nugget Market - the best place on earth to shop - I also refer to it as Mecca :) ) to pick up some more beef tips. Actually I'll have him get stew meat since it's going to cook all day. We must have the proper balance of sauce to meat :). And Patrick voted to serve it over egg noodles instead of egg noodles it is...and he gets to pick those up too!

This is the Beef Tips in Mushrooms sauce but my houseguest has requested I rename it Drunken Beef Tips because of all the red wine I put in it :) I also made a salad and my homemade Green Goddess dressing. It is actually a light green in color, which doesn't show up very well in the photo.

Yesterday was my spagetti. I would post that recipe but I never make it the same way twice! lol It turned out very good though.

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